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Photo: 156, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Broadway Family:, Inc.
205 Ryder Ave, Mapleton/Flatlands
Picture from May 2006. The house was sold in June 2007. This was the home of Albert (Avi) Houllou, a principal of the Broadway family. PriceTopia is now a price search engine that was only featuring and, both domains of J&V Marketing Inc. Now it mostly features Broadway family web sites. In 2006 forwarded to This address was also used for the registrations of,, and many other domains in the Broadway family. For a list see Shedding Some Light. In addition this address was used by Avram Sakkal for the DNS registration of Digital eTailer, until Accoona took it over. As Houllou purchased this house in October 2000, and was first registered in December 1999, it is probable that Sakkal was the prior owner and he never bothered to change the address in the registration. This address has never been used on any web sites. The Inc. is from the web site, but they are not found in the NY entity database.

picture #156