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Photo: 195, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Digital Delivered, Inc., dba
771-773 Coney Island Avenue, Kensington uses 771. was using 773, but now no address at site. TrustedDealer is now using 771 on their about page and 773 on their contact page. Open on Sunday. TrustedDealer's contact page for a while listed 673 Coney Island Ave, which appears elsewhere here several times. The RedTagSavings site claims they are RedTag Savings Inc. No such name found for NY, but Red Tag Inc. registered to a CPA on Bedford Avenue appears to be them. Digital Delivered, Inc. is registered to a name on Irwin Street in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. In May 2006 the For Rent sign was gone. In August 2007 it was back. The door has only one lock, so all of the second floor is one office. The door was open. There was a conveyor belt alongside the stairs. So the place can be used to warehouse and ship. At one point TrustedDealer used the upstairs at 673 Coney Island Ave, an address used by several dealers and now a bicycle shop. Update: redirects to a hosting compnay. is not working.

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