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Photo: 174, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
Focus Electronics, Inc., aka Studio 77, dba
1305 46th St., Borough Park
For a while forwarded to the Focus Electronics web site. Address from whois and PriceGrabber, no address at web site when it was up. Their 866-438-3344 number appeared as a contact number in an alt tag on Focus's web site. Plus PriceGrabber has for the Studio 77's contact. This is the building that Focus got their start back some 40+ years ago. They enter the door at the left. A sign there says that if there is no answer to call 718-436-4646 or to go around the corner to 4509 13th Ave. Update Feb 2008: now has the address 52 Brickman Rd, Suite L-5, Box 24, Fallsburg, NY on their web site. This is way upstate. A visit found the paper sign on the door gone. The door was open. Inside were boxes of appliances. So it appears that this location is still being used as storage for Focus Electronics. Update January 2009: The website does not work. Update December 2009: The BuyingAdvantage website is now an Amazon store. Update: The domain is for sale.

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