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Photo: 88, Album: Brooklyn Camera/Electronic Dealer StoreFronts
J&S Enterprises, dba Digitally Discovered (, DigiCam Returns, My Digital Palace (, Super Pix Digital (, Digital Fuze, and
1051 Dahill Rd.
This is the address used in the whois record for and No BBB record, and no address at web site. To the left was a store that installed car stereo systems. There was a For Rent sign on the building. A visit on 30-Apr-06 found the sign gone and some men working. They said someone took the place and is moving in. And that a new sign would be going up in front. Update August 2006: No new sign. Activity looks like the marble place next door is now using this as their office. Value Imaging Products Inc. is still an active entity at this address. No longer in business. This address is the address in the NY entity database for Ideal Photo and Video Inc. A resellerratings comment put Digital Fuze at this address.

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