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All Time Deals Inc., dba, aka Active International Marketing Inc.
414 Flushing Avenue, South Williamsburg
New address for them. Found on a reverse lookup on their local phone number. Technically 414 Flushing is the taller building to the right. But it has no public entrance, other than the supermarket and a school. After several trips I discovered that the building entrance is on the side street, where the woman in the turquoise shirt is cleaning the door. Active International Marketing is using suite #212. [picture taken on a Sunday] Before this location they were at 762 Bedford Ave, South Williamsburg. This was the address superpages had for a reverse lookup on the 718-852-4400 phone number found on their web page. Listed there as Alltime Deals. At 762 Bedford their door was the one to the right. The one on the left is 768, and a different company. [Taken on a Sunday.] Website is now defunct.

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