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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001
Sender: Celiac/Coeliac Wheat/Gluten-Free List
From: Ron Hoggan
Subject: High Calcium Levels in Blood Tests

Sandra raised a question about calcium metabolism abnormalities in celiac disease. There has been some interesting work in this area. Dr. Mike Marsh has shown that our absorption is less of a problem than our excessive excretion of calcium. Dr. Rude has established that bone remineralization, in the context of celiac disease is helped more by magnesium supplementation than by calium, and Dr. Kumar has shown that endomysium antibodies will cross react with parathyroid tissue. The parathyroid gland is a major factor in the control of our calcium metabolism. Given these data, it should be suprising when a celiac patient does not have calcium metabolism errors. Of course, autoimmune thyroid disease is also significanlty overrepresented among celiacs, often reported in ~14% of celiacs investigated.

Although my TSH levels are normal, I did have some problems with frequent fractures, until I started supplementing with large daily doses of magnesium. I also developed smooth lumps on my fingers, just beyond the middle knuckle. They appear to have gone away now.

best wishes,
Ron Hoggan