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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996
Sender: Celiac/Coeliac Wheat/Gluten-Free List
From: Ron Hoggan
Subject: Optic nerve

Sandyk, et. al. "Isolated Ocular myopathy and celiac disease in childhood". NEUROLOGY, page 792, vol. 33, 1983. This article presents a child with ocular myopathy who, after institution of a g-f diet, improves.

Hardoff et. al. "Myopathy as a presentation of celiac disease". DEV. MED. CHILD. NEUROL. vol. 22, pages 781 - 783, 1980. I don't remember the content of this article, but because of the way the Source is filed, I know it deals with vision problems. (I have a very odd way of organizing information)

There is a large number of studies that demonstrate a causal connection between the occipital lobe calcifications associated with celiac disease and seizures. Because the occipital lobe is the location of these calcifications, I suspect a connection. If you want some information on some of these studies, Medline is the easiest approach. I will be happy to provide a list of citations if you prefer. Just let me know you want them.

On a personal level, I still get what I call eye aches. Not as often as I used to, but prior to diagnosis, I wore bifocals. My distance correction was necessary to meet the standard for driving, but my reading correction was mild. I no longer need to wear any correction. On days when I have had little sleep, it sometimes gets a little fuzzy in the distance, but is acceptable for driving.

Both my mother and my brother have "lazy eye" where one turns off. They also lack depth perception.

I hope that is helpful.

Best Wishes,
Ron Hoggan