Box With Edmund Nye Label

From Gerald Eanor, Antique Boxes & Collectables
Dereham, Norfolk, England
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Made by one of the leading Tunbridge Ware makers, Edmund Nye (b1797- d1863). The very clear label to the base of the box would suggest that this box was made between 1855-1863. Edmund Nye is understood to have followed in his fathers footsteps as a box maker and went on to be in partnership with another leading maker Fenner with roots in the Tunbridge Ware hierarchy. Upon Fenners death, Nye continued the business until his death whereupon his apprentice/employee of nigh on 30 years Thomas Barton took over the company. Edmund Nye exhibited his work at the Great Exhibition of 1851. The condition of the box is such that it is worthy of a place in any collection. Rosewood veneered with Tumbling Blocks within a panel to the lid with an outer frame of micro mosiac bands. All veneer and inlays are original and complete. Nice use of the various specimen woods in terms of colour and grain direction to create the three dimensional effect of the cubes. As is quite often the case with genuine Tunbridge Ware, one section of one cube has a green hue, naturally produced by fungi. All edges of the box are keen. Original lining to the base exterior in a condition that would suggest that the box was not moved very frequently. Top closes perfectly square. Original hinges and lock. Though the key is certainly antique and operates the lock perfectly it is probably a replacement. The interior has been very neatly relined.
7" W × 4-15/16" D × 2-1/4" H